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12th-Jun-2009 10:06 pm(no subject)
Super Junior, Kyumin

Yah exams :/
Not cool. Probably epic failed my science and math was horrible.
But after tuesday I think I'm going to spend all my life on lj go out more

Super Junior needs to have a North American tour like now. :(

On a side note. It would be cracked up if they did a U.S. debut.
12th-Jun-2009 09:35 pm - :D
kibum,super junior
8th-May-2009 11:37 pm - It's You

Despite all the teasers and the full song being leaked out, I have managed to restrain myself and NOT listen to it.
But I cannot help but look at the pics. XD
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7th-May-2009 09:51 pm - Beginning :)

First time on livejournal, though I've been stalking it a lot.
I need a place to spazz and relieve my homework stress. D:
But I probably won't be posting a lot.

On another note: AHHH SUPER JUNIOR!!! New PACKAGED album coming out May 12th. SM really knows how to empty your pockets. Version ABC.  More to listen to :)

Plus I need to start writing something other than essays on Julius Caesar and other misc. Shakespeare.
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